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KINES class gives student a path to self awareness 

Author: Kahri Jones,

At Brandywine, KINES 47 introduces students to the ancient holistic practice of Yoga. Though popularly recognized, many students are surprised to find out the many benefits of Yoga.

“I first became aware of it after finding out from watching the NBA and hearing about coach Phil Jackson, the Zen Master,” said senior Redion Xhoxhi.

This is the very same coach that has consistently led legendary players such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to championships. Coach Jackson recognized the bountiful benefits that could enhance his players’ talent, and well-being, by applying a yogic coaching style.

It is true. Yoga is beneficial for health and can maintain, and improve, overall well being through physical and mental fitness.
Yoga is a practice focusing on two components, each providing positive physiological effects. Combined, the asana and pranayama practical techniques can promote radiant health by releasing physical and mental tension.

The practice of Yoga can be a great way to help individuals regulate the ways in which one deals with stress. Stressors appear in the form of external events outside of self and may have an internal impact on cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, nervous system, and immune system activities.
With the increase of library and study time for students entering finals week, students may encounter such stressful events. You will thank yourself by responding to these events with a natural holistic remedy provided by Yoga.

A yogic approach perceives these events with a full awareness and practice meditation, a natural relaxation remedy. It is a stress response that provides a calmness and balance of mind, which can be correlated to lower heart rate and blood pressure. Other additive benefits include anxiety, depression, and insomnia relief.
Asanas are all different postures and stretches that will help alleviate body aches and help facilitate pranayama. Pranayama, breathing exercises, helps focus and regulate life force that resides in all living beings. These breathing exercises help guide meditation.

Together, it will leave the body feeling revitalized and mind feeling completely calm and refreshed.
More practice helps develop a stronger awareness of your body and creates a higher value of your spirit and physical being. This value promotes strong mental health and a fit body free of fatigue and aches. It is the perfect counter to other stress coping methods such as substance dependency.

More About KINES 47 (1.5 credits)
Instructor Emily Dozer guides students in the direction to learn the benefits of Hatha Yoga.
Students meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a half semester of bending and breathing with their mats in the athletic gym.
They are challenged to cancel out the noise of our automated daily routine, and focus on inner self.

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