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All Together For All-U Day 

By: Paul Alberici, Lions Eye Editor,, updated by the Lion’s Eye Web Staff

The common tagline Penn State uses to acknowledge the Commonwealth campuses is, “We Are one university; geographically dispersed.” Year after year this fact is highlighted during the Nittany Lions football game called All University Day, or All-U Day.”

All-U day gives each of the nearly two-dozen Commonwealth campuses outside of University Park the opportunity to watch a football game with fellow members of their campus in the legendary Beaver Stadium. This year, the game was held on Halloween and saw the Nittany Lions face off against the Fighting Illini of University of Illinois.

Brandywine students were very excited to be at the game and had so much campus pride to be part of this special day for the Commonwealth campuses.

“All U-day to me is a chance for every campus to get together and celebrate Penn State,” Brandywine sophomore Carly Dargitz said.

Being a part of this special day means a lot for many of the students who do not ordinarily get the opportunity to experience a game at Beaver Stadium. To have this opportunity to come together as a whole is really special for the students of Brandywine because it is more than just a football game.

“(All-U Day) was my first Penn State home game, so the whole experience was the best memory,” Brandywine sophomore Derek Osborn said. “It shows Penn State’s sense of family and community. They acknowledge all of us as Penn State, one campus together.”

The highlight of each All-U Day game is the halftime show. During half time, after the Blue Band performs, each campus’ two representatives held up their campus banner as the names were announced. This year, Brandywine was represented by Brandywine Benefitting THON President Liz Gramlich and Vice President Paul Alberici.

“It is an honor to represent this campus,” Gramlich said. “Brandywine has helped me grow so much as a person, and I have had so many great experiences here.”

The Brandywine section was ecstatic when their name was announced in front of the packed Beaver Stadium crowd.

“When I heard Brandywine announced on the field during half-time, I was filled with pride for my awesome school and to be a part of the Penn State community,” Brandywine sophomore Courtney Emrich said.

And, of course, all of the campuses were treated to quite a spectacular performance. The Nittany Lions obliterated the Illini with a score of 39-0, improving their record to 7-2 on the season. Needless to say, Brandywine students were quite happy.

“I was extremely happy with the outcome,” Osborn said. “Penn State completely destroyed Illinois—such a great game to attend.”

“The outcome of the game was great,” Emrich said. “Who doesn’t love a shutout?”

Aside from the game’s outcome, and the campus recognition, the favorite part of the game, for some Brandywine students, was a little simpler, yet meaningful.

“My favorite part of the day was being with my friends and being able to share a Penn State football game together; it was so much fun!” said Brandywine sophomore Carly Dargitz.

All-U Day has been a Penn State tradition for years, giving students from all across the Penn State system an opportunity to attend a game. With the success of this year’s, it is sure to remain a valued tradition for years to come.

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